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hey it's me.

So a little about myself. Well, I have ADHD, so as a "NeuroDivergent" I understand who I am and what I do isn't everyone's cup of tea. My interests change very often, and I'm basically a jack-of-all-trades as a result. I'm *really good* at a lot of things! I've attempted a focused, consistent, one-topic theme to stream and video, but that doesn't work with ADHD! I've decided instead to just broadcast what I'm currently [hyper]focused on to the world. I know I will be hard to follow, but if you give me a try, you'll see some amazing things you've never seen before!

Also, I really love helping people learn new things. Ask me anything, doesn't matter if it's my current [hyper]focus or not, as long as I have something to share, I'll be your guy.


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