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python_practice A collection of small direct-functionality Python programs Aug 11, 2023
programming_basicsOct 16, 2022
python_tutorial_game Tutorial Game Made in Python - Downloadable Resource from Youtube Video Sep 26, 2022 generic test for a tutorial Sep 22, 2022
tutorial_video This is a repo for a tutorial video Oct 30, 2021
Portfolio Intended to show working skills, no copyrighted or copied code. All code is original. Jan 28, 2021
SkillWatcher World of Warcraft - lightweight skill "watcher" Jul 23, 2016
Sitemap-XML-Generator Generate a sitemap.xml using this PHP script May 16, 2011


So a little about myself and what I do. I do a variety of things, and I make videos on topics I'm interested in sharing. I love helping people learn, and I've made several tutorial videos on Youtube regarding learning programming and Python. I also make videos and streams about a variety of games, but I tend to only make content for games I am really into at the time.

Several times I've attempted a focused, consistent, one-topic theme to stream and video, but my ADHD likes to jump to several different topics, so instead I've decided to create content as I am [hyper]focused on a topic. If you give me a try, you'll see some amazing things you've never seen before!

Also, I really love helping people learn new things. Join my Discord community and ask me anything, doesn't matter if it's my current [hyper]focus or not, as long as I have something to share, I'll be your guy.


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